Guide how to install and view IPTV lists on Smart TV

here is a guide on how to install and view IPTV lists on Smart TV we will talk about many operating systems on different smart TVs

There are at least three different operating systems in the field of smart TVs: Tizen installed on Samsung SmartTVs, WebOS installed on LG SmartTVs, and Android TVs mounted on some Sony, Philips, and Sharp TV models.

Since there are three different systems, the ways to watch streaming from IPTV lists are entirely different. To find out all about the lists and the risks involved in using them, we invite you to consult our appreciated in-depth analysis of IPTV.

In this article, we will focus only on IPTV lists and methods of viewing them on TV. Let’s start by talking about how to see IPTV on DLNA equipped televisions.

Streaming Content To A SMART TV Using DLNA

All smart TVs or almost support DLNA; through this technology, it is possible to send content to TVs connected to the network.

DNLA is based on the use of an app for Android, Web Video Cast , which sends the streams of the individual channels directly to the TV. There are many other equivalent apps for iPhone too.

Using the app that is free (with some limitations) is practical and straightforward. To install it, go to the Play Store with your smartphone or Tablet and press Install.

how to see an IPTV list on Smart TV via Web Video Cast:

  • turn on your TV and make sure that your Android device and the TV connected to the same WiFi network.
  • launch the app and go to the connection icon (it is the cast icon, circled in red in the screenshot below) .
  • put check next to DLNA and Google Cast (if DLNA does not work and you have an LG TV you can try the dedicated options as well) .
  • press on Done and then on “Repeat the Scan.” Choose the name of your TV and confirm the pairing (notification on the TV screen should warn you of the connection attempt, confirm with remote control)
  • Now you are ready. Through the app, you can send all kinds of content (audio, video, and even IPTV) from your device to the TV.

be sure the pairing is finished between tv and your smartphone (which is only necessary the first time):

  • go to the menu (by clicking on the icon with the three horizontal segments at the top left of the app) and press on IPTV
  • Then on the + icon, a popup window will open where you can enter the address or the M3U file and finally press Save.

The configuration of the IPTV list 2020 is complete. you can now switch to streaming and play your video or audio via your smartphone to smart tv

  • press on a playlist, explore it and send the channel you want to streams to the TV by pressing on their name .
  • If the channels were not represented correctly or gave an error, we recommended enabling routing the phone.

The routing allows you to convert the video and audio stream on the device before sending it to the TV. This procedure eliminates any compatibility problems but consumes the battery of your smartphone.

See IPTV M3U 2020 on Samsung Smart TV

Maybe this is a complicated paragraph since there is no direct way to install (for example) Kodi on televisions with the Tizen operating system, and the Smart IPTV app is not available in most countries. Let’s see how to get around this territorial block with a little trick.

To install Smart IPTV, you have to change the country of the system of your Samsung TV. If a smart tv app is banned in your country and set any other country with the same time zone. The change of country procedure is not very complicated:

  • reset the Smart HUB, going to the appropriate item found in “Menu> Support> Self-Diagnosis”
  • exit the “Settings” and reopen the “SmartHub”
  • a popup page will open, you should press the buttons of the MUTE remote control in sequence (one after the other, not simultaneously) VOL + | CH + | MUTE .
  • from the menu of the country choice, choose any country with the same time zone .

You can go to the Store and get Smart IPTV for the free plan, which is just a trial version for seven days, and available at € 5.50 forever.

you can go to the configuration of your IPTV list 2020 directly on the App:

  • on the first page of smart IPTV enter Mac address of your TV and then the URL of the IPTV list or upload the m3u file 2020 directly
  • then close the menu and choose your country
  • Then put the checkmark on “I’m not a robot” and click on “Send.”

From this moment, you can watch the channels of your IPTV 2020 list comfortably from the TV

Watch IPTV 2020 on LG Smart TV

There is also an explication on how LG Smart TVs to see your IPTV lists, and it’s based on the use of the Smart IPTV app, which fortunately is accessible without blocking for this platform. Unfortunately, Kodi is not available on LG’s WebOS.

It is possible to download the app for free by going to the store. Also, in this case, it is in the Trial version and expires after 7 days, and only after you can proceed with the purchase of the full version for € 5.50.

How to run IPTV M3U FILES :

  • open the app and write your Mac Address of the TV .
  • go to the Smart IPTV website (address:
  • enter the Mac Address of your TV and then the URL of the IPTV list or upload the m3u file .
  • click on save and drop down the menu below and choose your country
  • finally check on “I’m not a robot” and click on “Send”.

Watch IPTV on Android TV using smart IPTV

Android TV is the most adaptable operating system available on “smart” TVs and is also available on many TV Boxes that can be connected to your TV.

It is an operating system that allows the installation Kodi and a lot of media app

Kodi usually is available on the Android Play Store, so installation is straightforward and quick: search for it on the Store and press “Install.”

Once the installation is complete, configuring your list is simple: the procedure is identical to that of all the other platforms on which Kodi runs.

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