listas m3u españa descargar iptv 25/04/2020

this is the listas m3u españa descargar iptv that allows you to watch tv shows or your preferred program we offer you descargar iptv to run it on vlc player

we publish listas m3u españa descargar iptv and listas m3u during 24h and working on any device that compatible with m3u files vlc player for laptop many apps for android and ios also work for smart IPTV and descargar iptv, and it doesn’t need more skills we will show how to do that by yourself

How to run listas m3u españa descargar iptv

Maybe If you don’t have experience with a smart IPTV app or other apps that allow using streaming IPTV, you may be wondering how you can install the app and how to use or to configure smart IPTV on your tv? and You’ll then want to know how you can set it for TV.

how to get smart iptv for lg tv step by step

To use IPTV subscriptions on tv LG, and other Smart TVs, it is usually required to use the Smart IPTV app. This application is also available on android tv box from the Playstore. The installation method is different on IPTV boxes, but the activation of the subscription and the app ar the same.

The application only it’s not enough to get TV channels; you must also have an IPTV subscription before following this tutorial. This application needs the purchase If you don’t have a subscription

installation Smart IPTV on a Smart TV

Your television must be connected to the internet:

  • Go to the Smart Hub. For a LG or samsung TV, it’s the multi-colored button, otherwise a house button)
  • Then go to the app market. This is where you can download lots of apps for your tv.
  • You need to find the Smart IPTV app in downloaded apps.
  • Click on download
  • Wait a bit then click on Installation
  • then click on Run

Smart IPTV Activation

The application is chargeable (around 5 or 6 €). You can test it for a week; then, you will have to pay to use it. Here’s how to activate it.

Follow the instruction in the official site of smart IPTV here

  • When you start the SMART IPTV application, you should see a line “MAC address,” write down this address (or take a photo with your mobile)
  • go to the site of smart iptv here
  • Enter your MAC address
  • Enter your email address
  • Choose the Paypal or CB payment method (activation of the Smart IPTV application will be immediate)
  • Validate the payment

The Smart IPTV application is linked to your television. If you change your TV, you will have to repurchase the app again.

Installing an IPTV subscription on SMART IPTV

Do You have an IPTV subscription and you want to install it on smart iptv . It’s very simple. Here’s how to put and run your IPTV subscription on your Smart TV:

  • You must have a m3u file or an url address (http: // supplieriptv / blabla = m3u? User = xxxx? Password = xxx ..)
  • Go to
  • Enter the MAC address of your TV (the one used to activate Smart IPTV)
  • Enter the address of your playlist in the URL box
  • Check the box “I’m not a robot”
  • click send
  • Restart your tv, everything should work

Important: We do not sell any subscription. If you have problems with your supplier, please contact him directly (subscription not received, wrong mac address, etc.)

download listas m3u españa descargar iptv

as you know listas m3u españa descargar iptv work during 24H sometimes less or more than 24H we check every descargar iptv and we daily generate new files that work perfectly

IPTV legal or not ?

Before you download IPTV m3u files you always wondering if that: IPTV legal or not?

Well, it depends. The term IPTV indicates above all a technology for retransmission of video streams. Used in these conditions, of course, that this IPTV technology is legal. Likewise, IPTV is used, for example, in hotel chains to broadcast their signal on customers’ TVs. This use is, therefore, still legal.

But when you hear about IPTV, it’s rarely like that. Legal IPTV exists, and it is the most common use. Ilegal IPTV is an Inexpensive IPTV subscription that allows you to have all the hacked TV channels. And that indeed is illegal IPTV. Newspapers and magazines, therefore, misuse the word IPTV and should instead speak of illegal IPTV subscriptions. But the concept is so used in this illegal sense of the word, that it becomes its definition.

VPN keep your privacy

On the internet, there are a lot of things lying about that allow you to know your digital id. We can cite cookies or the history of your browser and the passwords it saves . But all this data can be easily cleaned, distorted, or even blocked by your antivirus. The only real means of identification is the IP address, which is assigned to your home by your internet provider.

The IP address is like your postal address: you necessarily have one, it is not you who choose it, and it is about the most reliable way to locate your home.

So to keep your privacy, the only way is to “hide” this IP address from the internet. But here it is: without a postal address, no mail, and without an IP address, no internet … The solution is, therefore, to pay a VPN provider who will lend you a new IP address. Only this provider will have your original IP address. Your ISP and (any other organization) will only see the IP address loaned by the VPN. Your entire internet flow will, therefore, make a detour to go to the VPN servers. Currently, this is the only practical way for individuals to remain anonymous on the internet.

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