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At the end of every month, the subscriber will get a mail confirming that they have subscribed to a certain type of channel or a certain package of channels for I-PV. On these mailings, they will be told what packages they have subscribed for and the prices of them. It is necessary to read all the mails of the channels as they have information regarding pricing, programs and what types of package they are. This way, the subscriber can ensure that they are getting the best deal. Another advantage is that the packages come with the standard fees; there are no hidden charges on them.

The customer will need to confirm what programming package they have subscribed for and the fees that they have to pay. Many packages are now sold only in the service’s internet site so that customers can actually take their time and compare prices of packages before they finalize on the package that they want. To be able to buy an I-PV Box in the United States, one will need to know that it will cost him less than the international boxes. The fees for it vary depending on the type of service that the customer has chosen and the quality of the box. It is also important to understand that the consumer can get a remote-controlled or a full-blown box for about $100. However, the remote-controlled is best when it comes to viewing the channels.

It is also necessary to realize that customers who have purchased a channel have access to special programs that they cannot get anywhere else. One of these programs is the channels on I-PV or they are also called i-box. These channels are not only a great way to enjoy a programming package but the customer gets an advantage by being able to choose the programs he wants. These channels are also usually targeted towards people who are young and have a high viewership rate.

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