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The GNCEL IPTV LINKLERI is another nifty little device that allows you to watch IPTV and any other video on your PC. It has a software control panel and it has a wireless control panel that works similar to your cable TV. You can use the infrared to detect the screen that the PC is on and then you can use the TV screen to control the computer and watch your IPTV and any other video on your PC. What is great about this little gadget is that you can connect with any IPTV or any other video source that is available out there, so you can have your own home network where you can get many and video sources coming in.

The linker has some advantages over the other devices out there that allow you to watch many sources of IPTV and videos. This device has a self contained set up with the control panel built into it, so you don’t have to worry about buying additional devices just to connect to different sources. Another advantage of the linker is that it has the feature to get a channel of streams and watching them directly on your PC for your convenience.

Because it has the software control panel built into it, you don’t have to have your own computer. It uses the Wi-Fi capability of your router to provide the security for your internet source of entertainment. If you are connected to your network via the WPA or WPA2 encryption standards, you can get access to the security right from your IPTV stream source. With the linker, you can get a number of streams coming in as well as play them directly on your PC and watch them, so you don’t have to worry about security anymore.

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