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The IPTV LINKS 2020 is a TV Live Streamer. It can be used in applications like streaming webcasts, recording live videos and recording computer games. A digital recording device, which operates in real time on any internet connection, can work in exactly the same way as a live webcam, with the difference that there is no external device required to record the video feed. The IPTV LINKS 2020 is simply a device which records and transfers live streaming videos, with special video compression software to support the streaming.

The content of the video is directly fed into the API interface, so that it can be edited, converted and stored in the remote server. The interface uses the video stream to send it to the users on their desired web browser and/or on their mobile phones, and the stream and the data is then sent to the IPTV receiver, where the data is decoded by the software. The output is, in effect, a live, up-to-date TV or Movie recording. The hardware is equipped with an interface, for advanced media player applications, which allows the users to stream video directly from the interface to their personal computers, Mac, PC or Linux. The technology is also employed in many services, like, entertainment streaming, that require viewers to stream a lot of high quality video to their computers and webcams, without any additional hardware.

To avoid confusions, the IPTV LINKS 2020 is also referred to as IPSTREAM-2020. The broadcast-quality streaming of media content, with the use of IPTV technology, is going to be the future. With advanced network infrastructure in place, it is predicted that this transition will be completed in a relatively short period of time.

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