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Today there are many ways to watch television. Receiving channels through the typical antenna cable is still very popular, but satellite, optical cable, and streaming over the Internet are also used. A variant that promised a lot is IPTV or television over IP. Companies like Movistar still offer it, but other operators have abandoned it. However, there is a broad alternative black market for IPTV lists, which can be a bad idea to use. In this article, we will try to explain what IPTV is and how to use it.

IPTV was going to be the great revolution of television. Still, the complex infrastructure that requires, both at the operator and user level, the increase in bandwidth and the improvement of streaming in general, has made the majority of operators, Except for those with their infrastructure, they have dismissed it.

From the user’s point of view, it is challenging to distinguish IPTV from OTT services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, because in both cases you receive Internet television channels, so we will explain what they consist of, and the differences between them.

It is necessary to distinguish between the legal IPTV that some operators offer, and the IPTV paid lists or with advertisements that can be found on the Internet, of doubtful origin.

In many cases, they offer illegal content (pirated channels), in addition to possible viruses and spyware, if the connection is made from a computer. Be careful with these types of services.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. This means that the television arrives through an IP address, that is, through the Internet.

In simple words, it is a way of transmitting online television, but different from that used by popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.
IPTV transmits television channels on-demand to a specific IP address. The main feature is that it reserves part of the bandwidth of the Internet connection for television. That is, if you hire 100 Mb, the IPTV connection can use only 30 or 40 Mb for it. You can only use the remaining 60 or 70 Mb for your things, even if you are paying 100 Mb. Also if you do not use the TV channels, That bandwidth for IPTV is reserved.

The advantages

The main advantage for the user is distinct: as you reserve part of the bandwidth only for IPTV in direct connection with the video servers, you will always receive the image with the highest quality, regardless of whether many mobile phones, computers are connected at home, consoles, etc. And since most operators have dedicated high-speed servers for IPTV, even if the global network is congested, you will still receive high-quality television.

Therefore it is the best option if you want to receive Internet television with maximum definition, without cuts or blur.

Also, the decoder used with IPTV can provide some extras, such as the option to record up to a week of programming or to rewind a live program. Since all access is customized for each IP address, it is more natural and more immediate to buy specific content from a movie to single chapters of a series, for example.