If you are wondering is IPTV legal in USA, the answer is a resounding yes. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and it is a technology that has been around for a long time. In fact it was invented in the late 70’s and had almost disappeared after the internet boom but now it is back in vogue and getting a lot of attention. The major reason why this technology is fast gaining popularity is because it gives the ability to televise television shows over the internet and not only shows but live programming as well.

Before talking about the legality of IPTV, I would like to talk about how popular YouTube came into being. The idea of video streaming sites has been around for quite some time, ever since the launch of AOL when video streaming was just a concept for many people. The main problem with streaming videos was that they were slow in downloading and did not carry the quality of the real television. Fortunately the competition between different sites like YouTube brought about a rise in the efficiency of web streaming and so gave the method a huge boost.

There is also another reason why Internet Protocol TV is fast catching up and that is because it is becoming extremely easy to create your own websites. There are many free software packages available online that give you an entire infrastructure. With this software you can build websites that can provide live broadcasts to all of your visitors, online fans or friends. When I say online fans, this means that you can get your website and start broadcasting on sites like Facebook and YouTube. When you get some viewers, you can start asking them for feedback and comments which are free of charge. This is how you can make sure your IPTV legal in USA.

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